We provide any, or all, of the following document-related research analysis and collation services:

  • Search and identification of relevant documents, journal articles, conference papers, books, web pages, files,  reports, etc.
  • Collate  and categorize citation details to relevant documents in a reference manager such as Endnote, RefMan, Bibtex, Zotero
  • Download, catalog and store electronic files  for your project  in a secure location
  • Locate and purchase hard copy documents and arrange freight
  • Analyze documents (literature review; annotated bibliography; comparative, thematic, conceptual, theoretical, critical analysis etc)
  • Collate and write up report on analysis as a software file in Word, Endnote, NVivo or other software as appropriate
  • Create secure or pubic web access to analyses files  and document resources as appropriate
  • Forward, store, web enable or secure wipe of data and resources